Double skin air handling units
Serie TM

Three-phase ductable vertical or horizontal fancoil. Max  450 Pa





TMH Doppia parete orizzontale con ripresa aria posteriore e mandata frontale  

TMV Doppia parete vertical con ripresa aria frontale e mandata superiore


Produced in 8 sizes, they cover a range of air flows between 2.500 and 20.000 m³/h with ESP up to 450Pa. In this way, civil and industrial air conditioning and heating systems can be created in hotels, offices, shopping centers and hospitals. Designed to have maximum flexibility of use, they are suitable for installations inside buildings: dividing them on each floor of the building, they allow easy zone control and eliminate the cost of building work required for large air handling units. They brilliantly solve the primary air problem in all those cases where a centralized system does not exist or cannot be built.

The autonomy of operation of each individual unit, the effective air exchange are prerogatives that allow to create air conditioning systems that have maximum reliability, flexibility and operating economy. They can be ducted for air distribution, placed directly in the room with a diffusion plenum, vertical or horizontal and equipped with numerous accessories.


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Available spare parts

Each product in Bini Clima catalog has a wide range of avalaible spare parts which allows the product to have a longer life and performances.

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