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Bini Clima offers a wide and advanced range of air conditioning systems developed and designed to dynamically manage the best environmental comfort conditions. Different solutions are available based on the accuracy of the desired comfort, the type of investment and the intended use (residential, commercial or industrial environments).

Ultra-thin units and with radiant plate

Design, innovative technologies, low energy consumption, low noise, air filtration, efficient air exchange, production quality, durability and resistance of the units and an effective control system are the main advantages of this type of fan coils.

Decorative units

The fan coils decorative units, with their unique design, are optimal solution for installations in hotel rooms, offices, hospitals, schools and so on.


The innovative design of cassette by Bini Clima guarantees high performance with a low noise level.

Wall mounted units

The peculiarities of the wall-mounted fan-coils of the ""HW"" series are mainly used in hotels, apartments and offices and in places where floor installation is prevented.

Underfloor units

The underfloor fan coil by Bini Clima, with its special design and in two height versions is the optimal solution for installation in hotels, offices, airports, museums and commercial buildings in general.

Ducted units single or double skin

The ducted units by Bini Clima is the ideal solution for limited height spaces, mainly used for suspended ceiling installations.

Double skin air handling units

Bini Cima double skin self-supporting units are the optimal solution for limited spaces, mainly used for installation in the false ceiling.

Controls and regulations

A wide range of controls and thermostats, wall mounted and assembled on the unit.

Available spare parts

Each product in Bini Clima catalog has a wide range of avalaible spare parts which allows the product to have a longer life and performances.

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