Controls and regulations

Master/slave units for multiple fan-coils control with ModBUS protocol and preprogrammed controller for temperature control

ModBus connectivity



  • One HMS master unit controls up to 14 HMS slave units. Display unit AMS is optional
  • Double communication ports RS485 (Modbus) for connection with other power units and for optional display or Scada system
  • Easy configuration with Evolution tool
  • 3-speed or EC fan control and direct control of electric heater, valves (3-point, on-off, 0_10V)
  • Keycard input, window contact, season change, occupancy override
  • CO2 control with remote transmitter • Humidity control possible with built-in AM-S sensor or remote transmitter

Available spare parts

Each product in Bini Clima catalog has a wide range of avalaible spare parts which allows the product to have a longer life and performances.

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